AOL German Ashram (July-August 2007)

We had enrolled for an Art of Living Advanced meditation course in the Black Forest (Openau  3 hours from Frankfurt) Ashram and it was excellent. It was a 6 days advanced meditation program that included 5 days of complete silence (24×7). It was an amazing experience. Veena and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as we had ourselves to our own! We were with our self in various meditation sessions and then on long walks in the forest all by ourselves. The first day of silence was pretty tough with our mind recollecting and wanting to communicate but eventually we got over and enjoyed the blissful state. We then spent 2 more days on a town in another part of Black forest with waterfalls with the whole family.

While we (Veena and I) were in the Advanced meditation program, we had the kids enrolled in a similar program for their age group. Nikita was in an ArtEcel program that was for kids between 8 and 13. They had fun along with yoga and other activities that included trekking and playing. Vishal was in the YES (Youth Empowerment Seminar) program that was for teenagers. This included various sessions on how to handle challenges for those from his age group (14 to 18), yoga, meditation, trekking, music and fun.

Kids had a great time as well as they were 40 Kms away from us (parents) and had to manage and do everything on their own. They would live in tents with slugs, caravans and with students from over 40 nationalities. All of us (kids and us) had to do SEVA (or service work) every day that includes, gardening, cleaning vessels, assisting in the kitchen, cleaning bathrooms, digging and more….. After the program we spent couple of days looking around the German country side visiting waterfalls and being with nature….Click here to view our Germany trip phots

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