Vikram – Tina tie the knot

Popular TV star Tina Parekh recently married Vikram Hazra in Bangalore.

On February 9, popular television actress Tina Parekh married Vikram Hazra, the talented musician associated with the Art of Living’s popular worldwide ‘rock’ satsang programme.

The two got married in a simple, outdoor morning ceremony which was held in the sprawling premises of the AOL ashram in Bangalore. The ceremony was attended by their close friends and family members.

Dressed as a Bengali bride (Vikram is Bengali), Tina looked beautiful. As says Nandini Sen, senior AOL teacher, “Tina looked just lovely in a red saree. It was a simple wedding, very peaceful and romantic. The couple looked ecstatic.”

Groom Vikram Hazra certainly sounded very happy as he shared his feelings “We’ve known each other for two and a half years.

We had common friends,” he told us. “Tina had participated in the Art of Living courses and had also attended some of my concerts. We became good friends but neither of us imagined that we would marry one day.”

So when was the decision made? “During the Navratris last year we came to Bangalore and asked Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) about what we were thinking. He told us, ‘You will be married in six months.’ Today, it’s six months almost to the day!”, he says.

The decision to marry at the ashram was Tina’s, says Vikram. What was special was that many close friends, especially Tina’s co-stars, were so thrilled at the chance of visiting the ashram that they booked their tickets well in advance.

“Many of her co-stars are here for the wedding. Many of my friends from the AOL ‘family’ around the world, whom I have met during my concerts — from Japan to Abu Dhabi are also here to attend the wedding.”

Vikram is known as the ashram’s ‘rock star’, a tag he’s not particularly fond of. Says Vikram, “It’s a misnomer, I hate rock.

Let’s say I was a rock and Guruji made me a star!” Vikram travels often to different countries, singing ‘rocking’ versions of bhajans on his electric guitar, and youngsters around the world flock to his concerts.

So how will the marriage work, considering Tina herself is a busy star? “Yes, I’m travelling in March to Africa,” he says, “But we’ll work out how we can meet.”

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