A Healing Drum journey

The Art of Living Dubai Gutsy-6 group went on a drum trip…..  Click here to see some pictures…. 

Want to know more about this healing drum journey?

Healing drum journey workshop is the first part of the Sacred Sound and Drumming journey which  uses three levels of rhythm and heart related ‘Aaah’ tones to open and balance the heart, and silence the critical mind that often holds back full self-expression. The journey  enhances physical energy and mental vitality and focuses on cleansing the body of negative emotions and introducing healthy vibrations. Developing a conscious relationship between the heart and the left hand is central to this process. Chanting, rhythm and drumming are used to cleanse the chakras, and open the heart to process & release toxic emotions. The brain is balanced, the mind is calmed and a sense of peace unfolds, bringing peace and health into body, mind and soul. Helen Argyrou, a trained clinical psychologist, group facilitator, djembe drummer and shamanic healer conducted the program in Dubai on 2nd September 2006?

2 comments to A Healing Drum journey

  • Wonderfullly done Bala, why not post some of the highlights of the evening;-)

  • Bala

    We could leave the highlights of the evening as comments so that we can laugh over this 5 years later! I have pasted some of the highligts as per Cns’ mail…
    1. Not to mention that because of the 6 guys in the car cd not give any LIFT to the Goris on the way back
    2. Not to mention Balas scrounging the entire house for something to EAT/Drink…..and coming our d-EJECTED
    3. Not to mention how muich pain is involved in the “hand beating”
    4. We take the kids the next time….35 bucks a piece..and the full moon in the desert
    5. Not to mention that we are going to be featured in the Friday magazine

    and some summary from Srini below
    •CN ‘s usual escapades ( didnt know he knew so many goris )
    •Ram’s communications skills ( SMS, EMAIL, FAX, TEL….).
    •’ Light’ ‘ Refreshment’ redifined by Bala
    •Yogi losing rythm and promptly informing Srini about it
    •Bala’s Starvation
    •Bala’s Detox programme

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