Why do we need a GURU?

A city without streets, a king without treasure, a merchant without business, a life wihout wisdom, a life without Guru, are all considered the same.

There are two aspects:
1. To have a Guru
2. To play the Guru

Why is there so much emphasis on Guru, especially in east? What is the role of a Guru? Why do you need a Guru?

Life is not simple. Its complicated. Opposites make life. There is pleasure and pain, happiness and suffering, generosity and greed, passion and dispassion. Life is full of opposite values. Mind is unable to handle these complications. It just breaks down. It needs support, a breather.
So wisdom, light, Guru is available.

When life and wisdom is inseparable it is called Satguru (true Guru). When is this possible? You know when somebody is in trouble you give them great advices but same advices do not come to your mind when you yourself are  in trouble. This is because wisdom dawns when you are out of the mess. If there is wisdom there cannot be mess. Guru is one who is out of the mess.
He watches the chaos. Sometimes creates the chaos. Have you heard of circuit-breakers. They are used in equipments. It stops excessive flow of electricity and thus safe-guarding the equipment from damage. Guru is a circuit-breaker. When you cannot handle life Guru comes and saves you. Whatever you cannot handle in life, give it to Guru. If there is some
compelling desire that bugs you it will become botheration. Guru is someone who has unconditional love towards you. You offer your desires and pains to him. So having a Guru is to be able to SMILE :-) all the time, walking with confidence, being fearless and to have a vision. And, that is wisdom.

You cannot say I’ve a Guru and still I’m worried/unhappy. That means you are not utilising Guru. Its foolish to say I’m in the drivers seat and I don’t know how to steer or paddle the accelerator. Having a Guru means, job is done.

The other aspect is, to be a Guru. To be a Guru, is to be uninvolved and yet being full of love and compassion. Guru is uninvolved and yet full of caring and compassion. Can’t you play Guru to one another person in the world? Can’t you love one another person unconditionally without expecting anything in return? If not, your life is incomplete. Play Guru to as many people. Anyways you give advice, now be wise. Wisdom is being centred,
being I’m not the body, I’m the spirit, light and love. Don’t wait for  sometime in future for this to happen. Just start. Start playing the role.
Life needs both these aspects. Having a Guru and doing service. Whenever criticism comes your way, it becomes botheration. And, when adolations come it becomes a
pain. Many people breakdown due to praises and adolations. It becomes so difficult. Praises or criticisms can make you go crazy. And, Guru is the way, the skill, to unload your burdens, and keep mind sane.

Mother is your first Guru, then at different stages and field different Guru’s come. Even your football coach is your Guru, then there is spirituality and the Guru who teaches you spirituality is Satguru.

Gurupurnima is to review your growth. How much I’ve grown in the last 1 year. How much stronger and wiser have I become. This review will give you encouragement. If you think you haven’t grown enough in last 1 year then review last 2 years…. 3 years. If you still feel otherwise then you have not utilised the knowledge. You have definitely grown and moved on! If you feel you are stuck somewhere, even that is growth.

Gurupurnima is to check your ego. People who follow righteousness get angry on other people and make themselves wrong. Their anger shows how unwise they are. From pride to anger to jealousy to greed, grow out of them.

On Gurupurnima, review yourselves, how much knowledge have you imbibed. How much more to imbibe. Its a day if self-reflection. If there is some shortage, Guru is there to fill the shortages. This confidence brings  fullness. Its a full-moon day. Heart is full. Life is full.

In Patanjali, a father answers his son. Son can you see that house. What was there before the house? The son says, “Space”. And what will be there if the house is not there, asks father. Son says “Space”. Similarly you are not the body you are the space. Its not the body in which the space is. Its the body in space.

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  • Hi Veena & Bala,
    Nice blogs. Have posted your comment on my blog.

    Below is a writing found on the menu card in a restaurant named “Spazio77″ in Riyadh.

    Jai Gurudev.
    Krishnan (Latha’s brother)
    We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel; but it is on the space where there is nothing that the utility of the wheel depends.

    We turn clay to make a vessel; but it is on the space where is nothing that the utility of the vessel depends.

    We pierce doors and windows to make a house; and it is on these spaces where there is nothing that the utility of the house depends.

    Therefore just as we take advantage of what is we should recognise the utility of what is not.

    Lao tzu
    Tao te ching
    6th century bc

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