Reunion in Coorg

We had great fun in our reunion in Coorg. Hari did a wonderful job coordinating and ensuring everything went well. Those who made it to the reunion inlcude

Hari and family :: Sujan and family :: Sushil and family :: Selva and Family :: Deepak and Jayashree (kids couldnt make it) :: Bala and family . . . → Read More: Reunion in Coorg

Christmas 2009 in Chennai

We were in Chennai between 19th and 26th December 2009. There was a puju on 22nd December 2009 early morning Ganapathi homam and late evening Bagavat Sevai. Both went off well and the prasadam made was truly awesome! Amma did a wonderful job with all the cooking with great help from appa, Sudha, Geetha aunty, . . . → Read More: Christmas 2009 in Chennai

India 2009-10 – Bangalore

We landed in Bangalore on 17th December 2009 to surpirse Rahul on his 9th birthday on 18th December. This was a closely gaurded secret and Rani, rahul and Arushi had no clue we were to visit them! Santosh helped us finiding the place and was good in keeping our visit a surpirse! View pictures taken . . . → Read More: India 2009-10 – Bangalore


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