Family Vacation to Scotland

We had a great time on our 10 day vacation to Scotland between 14 – 24 August 2006. It was Summer for the Scots�but for the four of us from Dubai it was pretty COLD! We rented a car as soon as we landed in Glasgow and drove around Scotland. Veena’s hard work before the . . . → Read More: Family Vacation to Scotland

Viji Mama’s Dubai Trip

We had a great time hositng Viji mama for a day! He was fun and the kids loved him a lot! He pampered Niki who was delighted to accompany us all over…Viji mama was talking so much about Hema Aunty, Satyam and Stuti….We can see that he misses them a lot…..

Click here to see . . . → Read More: Viji Mama’s Dubai Trip

Radha’s Trip to Dubai

Its now 2 weeks since Radha and the boys left to Chennai and only now have we gotten around to creating the photo album for the next set of photos.

We had so much fun… back seat of the 4×4 playing games, irritating each other, walking on the corniche in the hot & humid weather, . . . → Read More: Radha’s Trip to Dubai

Rani, Rahul & Arushi explore Mauritius

Rani had a short break with Rahul & Arushi in Mauritius – 5 glorious days. The first day was a real bummer… rain and cold winds… but then the weather changed for the better and they got to do some exploring.

They enjoyed their stay at the Le Coco Beach and Rani tells me that all . . . → Read More: Rani, Rahul & Arushi explore Mauritius


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