Are you happy & Peaceful?

Every time you are unhappy, miserable or disturbed, you are coming in touch with your own boundaries�and what can you do?

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Why do we need a GURU?

A city without streets, a king without treasure, a merchant without business, a life wihout wisdom, a life without Guru, are all considered the same.

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Rahul’s Graduation

It was not just me who had a graduation ceremony to attend in Jun 2006 – Rahul was also part of a graduation ceremony – moving from Higher Kindergarten (HKG) to Grade 1!!! A much bigger move than what I made with my MBA


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Hindu Rituals

A friend of mine (Srini) sent me this interesting file which explains the various Hindu Rituals. It’s a must read for all….gives a good insight on many aspects such as Why do we prostrate before parents and other elders? Why do we offer food to the lord before eating and more…. make sure kids in the family . . . → Read More: Hindu Rituals


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