CN’s Surprise Birthday Party!

Well well what do I say? CN’s Birthday Surprise party was defenitely a great SURPRISE! Myself (Bala), Srini, Ram, Rama, Veena, Yogi spent a good part of the whole day planning the surprise. We would have exchanged 50+ mails between us on issues ranging from venue, food, plan of action, modus operandi and so on….The plan was . . . → Read More: CN’s Surprise Birthday Party!

Vishal gets on paper again but this time for a different reason!

Vishal has in the past seen his name in the local dailies for his interest in Cricket. But this time he’s in there for a different reason! Check it out…. Gulf News 28 June 2006 Tabloid Page 21 – Eat Out section!

Veena’s MBA Graduation

Veena: I have finally completed my MBA! Two and a half years have gone by so quickly. And I couldn’t have done this without the support of my family and friends

. . . → Read More: Veena’s MBA Graduation

Radha’s Summer Vacation

The whole family is waiting for Radha and the boys to arrive in July… activities are being planned… even places to go for good food! Bala will take care of all the kids while Veena and Radha have some quality ladies’ time


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