Surprise celebrity visit

Popular television actress Tina Parekh star of Hindi mega Serial Kahani Ghar Ghar ki and wife of Vikram Hazra, the talented musician associated with the Art of Living’s popular worldwide ‘rock’ satsang programme was in Dubai. We went out with her for dinner to an Italian restaurant and the kids enjoyed her company a lot. . . . → Read More: Surprise celebrity visit

Praveen’s visit to Dubai

Praveen was in Dubai for a one day stop over on his way from India back to the U.S. I was meeting him after well over 13+ years and it was sure a great time to be together. Our families were meeting up for the first time and it was sure fun to talk about . . . → Read More: Praveen’s visit to Dubai

Vikram – Tina tie the knot

Popular TV star Tina Parekh recently married Vikram Hazra in Bangalore.

On February 9, popular television actress Tina Parekh married Vikram Hazra, the talented musician associated with the Art of Living’s popular worldwide ‘rock’ satsang programme.

The two got married in a simple, outdoor morning ceremony which was held in the sprawling premises of . . . → Read More: Vikram – Tina tie the knot

A Healing Drum journey

The Art of Living Dubai Gutsy-6 group went on a drum trip…..  Click here to see some pictures…. 

Want to know more about this healing drum journey?

. . . → Read More: A Healing Drum journey

CN’s Surprise Birthday Party!

Well well what do I say? CN’s Birthday Surprise party was defenitely a great SURPRISE! Myself (Bala), Srini, Ram, Rama, Veena, Yogi spent a good part of the whole day planning the surprise. We would have exchanged 50+ mails between us on issues ranging from venue, food, plan of action, modus operandi and so on….The plan was . . . → Read More: CN’s Surprise Birthday Party!


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