India 2009-10 – Bangalore

We landed in Bangalore on 17th December 2009 to surpirse Rahul on his 9th birthday on 18th December. This was a closely gaurded secret and Rani, rahul and Arushi had no clue we were to visit them! Santosh helped us finiding the place and was good in keeping our visit a surpirse! View pictures taken . . . → Read More: India 2009-10 – Bangalore

Botswana and South Africa Trip Sept. 2009

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We had an amazing holiday in Botswana and South Africa. landed in Joburg and took the connecting flight to Gaborone, Botswana to be with Sathy uncle and Latha aunty. Sathy uncle and Veena’s dad went to college in Calicut. They have a beautiful house complete with garden all around, swimming pool, snooker room . . . → Read More: Botswana and South Africa Trip Sept. 2009

Muscat trip July 2009

We visited Latha in Muscat fro the weekend. It was a memorable trip. We planned to leave Thursday evening to be with Latha and Vinod the same evening and spend a day and get back on Friday night. I (Prakash) was extra cautious and careful by taking responsibility to keep all passports and papers ready . . . → Read More: Muscat trip July 2009

India trip July 2009

Visited Puornami, Trissor in July 2009 with the family for 4 days. It was raining all through and could not step out of the house! View some pictures taken during this visit

Pune Temple Visit

The highlight of our Pune temple and shopping visit was Radha chitti pushing the shopkeepers to show more and communicating in Hindi “doosra, doosra” and Prema aunty chasing the Balaji temple security gaurds to let us in thorugh the back senior citizen entrance 

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Sujan, Hari and family Dubai Trip – December 2008

View Hari’s Personal collection of Dubai 2008 Trip

View Veena – Bala collection

Random Photos

These are just some random pictures that I and others took during our holiday in Kerala & Bangalore this summer… Thank God for digital cameras! One can keep clicking till you get it right

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Visit to Kerala – Aug 2008

We had a wonderful time in Kerala. The main purpose of the visit was to celebrate mom’s 60th birthday at Pournami (Thrissur). The birthday party was a blast! Some really good food and beautiful music by the many talented members of the family! It was wonderful that the whole family could spend some quality time . . . → Read More: Visit to Kerala – Aug 2008

Family Holiday in Mauritius June 2008

We had a weeks break in Mauritius. We stayed at the Hilton Mauritius Beach & Spa resort and it was amazing. The beaches in Mauritius were awersome. Kids had great fun with water sports activities. The hotel provided Snorkeling trips, pedal boats, Single and two seater kayaks, Hobycats (Catamarans with Sails). Besides these we went . . . → Read More: Family Holiday in Mauritius June 2008

Chennai April 2008 Visit

Vishal and Niki had a week off from school (Spring Break) so we decided to make a quick trip to Chennai as its been long since all four of us went down together. It was a hectic 6 days but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Latha’s daughter Pournima was a cute darling and we got . . . → Read More: Chennai April 2008 Visit


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